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Collection "A-AM"   

BLUE = new addition in my collection - last update: 15.04.2007

BRAND DIFFERENT TYPES different packs from these COUNTRIES
A 1 Lights Poland
A 3   Nofilter, Filter, Export (1962-1963) Austria
A Virginia Tobacco Laos
AB - Poland
Abadie-flor - Austria (Cigarette Tobacco)
ABC - CSSR, Unknown
Abdulla Bleu Egyptian Blend, Turkish No. 5 Export Size, No. 7 Virginia, Virginia No. 7, Cool Tipt, Imperial Preference Switzerland (Lid), United Kingdom (Tin-Lid), Indonesia
Absolute Filter Indonesia
AC - Angola
Accent No. 1 Original, No. 2 Extra Light Sweden
Acclaim De Luxe, Mild United Kingdom
Accord Ultra Mild Canada
Achalay con filtro Paraguay, Argentina
Admiral o/Mundst. flach, Tipped Indonesia, Germany (ca. 1915), United Kingdom
Admiraltejiskie (= "Admiralty") Sigareti Russia
Adobijang Filter Indonesia
Adriatic - Yugoslavia
Advance Baixo Teor, Bajos Indices, Ultra Bajos Indices, Lights Brazil, Chile, Peru
Advertising Packs - USA (1951/1952)
Aero Express Mild Denmark
Aerolineas Argentinas - Netherlands (advertising pack for direkt-flight to South Africa)
Affaire - United Kingdom
Afras - Algeria
Afri Filter Germany
Africa - Italy
Africaine Filtre, Tabakecht , Legere Luxembourg, Germany
Afton Mild - Ireland
After Lunch - United Kingdom (Tin-Lid)
AG Nyirtass - Hungary
Agenda Slim Lights, Blue, Blue Lagoon, Vanilla, Menthol, Menthol Super Lights Austria, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Armenia, Estonia, Hungary, Albania, Greece, Latvia, Slovakia
Agria Duplafilter, Multifilter Greece, Hungary
Aguia American Blend (Red), American Blend (Silver) Portugal
Aguila  - Spain/Canary Island, Spain
Agung Redjo Super Indonesia (?)
Aida Rouge Filtra, Extra Switzerland, Bulgaria, Unknown, Malta
Air-Flow Filter Tip USA
Airlite - Israel
Air Mancur Sumber Kretek Indonesia
Air Manijur Kretek Indonesia (?)
Airon Filtro Italy
Airport - Argentina
Airports - Germany
Airway Plain  Denmark
Ajab Jaya Exclusive Filter Indonesia
A.K. Super International Filter Indonesia
AK Virginia Blend Filters Unknown
Akaba Turkish Gron - Norway 
(pre 1940)
Akbar Febri Indonesia
Akebono - Japan
Akhtamar American Blend, Classic, American Blend Luxury Lights, Lights, Slims Armenia (Republic)
Aktie 68 - Netherlands
Alain Delon - France, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand
Alas con filtro, Cigarillos con filtro, Extra Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela
Alaska - Netherlands, Guyana
Alba - Belgium (Tin-Lid)
Alban - Albania
Albania - Unknown (Tin-Lid)
Albany Cigarettes, Filter, Dual Filter, Multifilter, Trim Size, Trim Size Menthol Australia, New Zealand, Unknown, Brazil, Canada
Alba Regia  - Hungary
Albatros Papierosow, Lights Poland
Albert - Congo Rep.
Alcan - Germany (sample-printing)
Al Capone American Blend Filters Italy
Alem Mar  Lights Portugal/Azores, Portugal/Madeira
Alerta - Angola
Alfa - Italy, Switzerland
  Filtro/Filter Italy, Bulgaria, Japan, Brazil, Finland
  Box  Italy
Alfons XIII Cigarros Mexico
Algeria - Algeria
Alhani - Libya
Alhamra(a) - Syria
Alia Filter Palestine
Alitas  - Mexico
Alka - CSSR
Alliance Filter, Lights Mexico, Russia
All's Well - United Kingdom
Allman Magnums for Men only, No. 1 Virginia Blend United Kingdom
Almos Filtre Legere et Naturelle Belgium
Al Nahura - Syria
Alpine Filter, Fresh, Lights, Extra Lights, Ultra Lights, Ultimate 2 MG USA, Australia
Al Rashid Luxury Iraq
Al Sham - Syria
Altan Nabchis - Mongolia
Alto Mar - Portugal/Azores
Alvalade - Angola
Alva Runde Sorte Germany
Alvaro Extra Filtro Spain/Canary Islands
Amadis Superfiltre, Export, Lights Italy, Belgium
Amateur Sigaretten Netherlands (not for selling in shops)
Amateurs Sigaretten Netherlands (not for selling in shops)
Amazone Special, Gurana Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands
Ambasada - Yugoslavia
Ambassade Filter, Menthol D.R. Congo/Zaire
Ambassador Classic United Kingdom, Iraq
Amboss Cigxs American Blend Germany
American #1 No. 17 Virginia Import, Full Flavor, Filters, Longs, Premium, Lights, Super Lights, Lights Menthol USA, USA/Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Germany
American #2 Queen, King USA
American Club American Blend, Export, Cigarros Germany, Switzerland, Brazil
American Club No. 1 - USA (for export to P.R. China)
American Dream American Blend  France
American Gold - Colombia
American Jean's Lights Spain
American Legend American Flavor, Lights Israel, E.E.C., Latvia, Greece
American Style Filter, Full Flavor, Red, Lights, Silver Germany
Americana Series California Lights, Arizona Lights, Long Beach Lights, Monterey Lights, Freeport Lights USA
Americanos Filter, Lights Germany
Amerikan Filter, Menthol Taiwan (1986-1987)
Amerind Flavour Unknown, probably P.R. China (same design like American)
Amigo - Brazil
Amiral - Luxembourg, Romania
Amneris - Austria (Lid - 1930)
Amor - Yugoslavia
Amrak Cigaretten Germany (Tin-Lid)

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