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Collection "MI-MZ

BLUE = new additions in my collection - last update: 21.02.2007   

BRAND DIFFERENT TYPES different packs from these COUNTRIES
Miami Style American Blend, American Full Flavour, Rolls Germany
Middle West Special Blend Plain Denmark
Midland American Blend, Premium Blend Lights USA, United Arab Emirates
Midway Mild, Super Blend No. 10 Australia, New Zealand, Denmark
MidWest - USA
Mikasa  - Malta 
(specially manufactured for the Japanese Tobacco Monopoly)
Mila Schön Menthol Japan
Milado International Indonesia
Mild Filter, Milds Paraguay, Denmark
Milde Arome Filter Austria (with Vanilla)
Milde Sorte Zigaretten, Rundes Format Austria (1939-1943), Germany (1933-1943)
  Filter Austria (also as 3's H&S complimentary pack from "Austria Airlines" and "Alitalia"), CSSR, Yugoslavia, Italy, Hungary, USA, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, Germany (50's Tin-Lid, Tunisia, Australia, France
  International Yugoslavia
  Super  Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland
  Ultra  Austria, Japan, Italy
  Austria, Slovenia
  Deluxe  Austria
Mild Seven Charcoal Filter, Original 10 Japan, Taiwan, Poland
  Charcoal Filter(Expo 85) Japan (on backside different commercials
  Special Packs  Japan (from 1979 to 1993 with Landscapes, Tourism-Serie, Expo 1985, Sapooro Snow Festival)
  Charcoal Filter - Special Edition Japan, Germany, USA
(with pictures from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, London, Malaysia, Vancouver, San Francisco and Indonesia)
  Refined Coconut Filter Austria
  FK, International, One Japan
  Select Japan
  Lights, Lights 8, Lights 8 Charcoal Filter Japan, Taiwan
  Lights - Special Edition Japan 
(with pictures from Taiwan, Hong Kong)
  Super Lights, Prime Super Lights 6 Japan, Hong Kong
  Special Lights, Extra Lights, Extra Lights 3 Japan
  Ice Blue Super Lights Japan
  Menthol, Menthol One, Slim Lights Menthol Japan, Taiwan
Milenio De Luxe Paraguay
Milford American Blend Full Flavour, American Blend Lights Latvia
Milford Country Filter Germany
Milhao Azul, Vermelho Brazil
Milion Filter Yugoslavia
Mill Filter, Milds Paraguay
Milla  - Switzerland (also Lid)
Millbank Filter, Straight Cut Virginia Cigarettes USA (Millbank is the address of the headquarters of British-American Tobacco Company in London), Canada
Millennium Edition from British American Tobacco Box with 4 different exclusively designed packs - exclusively made for Millennium for workers and friends of B.A.T. Germany). Packs are designed from:

1.) Kurt Weidemann - He is not only an outstanding designer of types, sign systems and artistic books - the Stuttgart professor practises design as comprehensive consultancy for companies. Daimler-Benz, Porsche, Deutsche Bahn - numerous companies and brands have this enthusiastic typrographer and designer to thank for their visual appearance or its renewal. He's the winner of 1995 Lucky Strike Designer Award.

2.) Peter Lindbergh - With the sensitive "pictures of women", for example Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell, the Paris resident Peter Lindbergh characterises a new style in fashion photography. His pictures are above all photographs of personalities, and only then fashon photos. Campaigns for Georgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Jil Sanders or Donna Karan confirm this most impressively. He's the winner of 1996 Lucky Strike Designer Award.

3.) Bruno Sacco - As the head of Design in the Daimler-Benz AG car sector, he has shown clearly how important design is for the economic and innovative strength of a company. The most important stages in this steady development started in 1977 with the C111/III design study and the launch of the S-class, and continued with the Daimler-Benz SLK and CLK. He's the winner of the 1997 Lucky Strike Designer Award.

4.) Phoenix Product Design - They do not follow any specific style, let alone fashionable trends. Tom Schönherr and Andreas Haug, founders of the studio Phoenix Product Design (Stuttgart/Tokyo), define their design philosophy as an attitude with the basic values of ethics and aestetis. On this basis they create internationally respected, prize-winning design for brands, such as Lamy and Lowew, Hansgrohe, Laufen and Duravit. Winner of 1998 Lucky Strike Designer Award.

(Text is from the inside of the Millennium-Box)



Millenium Blend, Lights Poland
Miller Filtered USA
Million Filter Tip Unknown
Mills Special - South Africa
Milport Mentholated/Menthol Belize
Milton Original Austria
Minak Djinggo - Indonesia
Minden Menthol Lights Unknown
Mi-Ne Filter, Original, Lights, International, Prestige Japan, Taiwan
Minimax - Spain/Canary Island
Mini-Star - Japan
Minister Filtro, Unique Filtro, Special Lights, Extra Mild Brazil
Minsk (= name of capital city) Filtrom, Mehtol, Legkie Belarus, USSR/Byelorussian S.S.R.
Mint Bidis India (for USA)
Minuit Filter Tip Canada
Mirage Internacional, Classic, Premium, Super Brazil, Iraq, Turkey
Miranda's Dream - United Kingdom (Tin Lid)
Miri Exclusive Indonesia
Mirjam   Parafas Austria (1955-1974), Hungary
Mirjana - Yugoslavia (1917)
Mirski Zamak (= "Peace Castle") Klass IV, s Filtrom Belarus
Mischung A Einheitszigaretten Austria (only made 1946)
Miss Blanche Golden Virginia Cork Tipped (1935-1937) Netherlands
Mister Rund Plain Denmark
Mister JJack Cappucino Flavor Indonesia
Mister Kadak Bidi India
Mistral Filter, Gold, Super Slim, com filtros, Natural, Suave, Extra Suave, Menthol, Super Menthol Hungary, Denmark, Brazil, Greece, Finland, Estonia
Mistura Fina Filtro Branco de Luxo, Microselect, Extra Suave, Slims Extra Suave Brazil
Misty Full Flavor Slims, Filter Slims, Lights Slims, Ultra Lights Slims, Full Flavor Menthol Slims, Menthol Slims, Menthol Lights Slims, Menthol Ultra Lights Slims USA
Mitra - Indonesia
Mix de Luxe, Lights Germany, Poland
ML Maryland Leger Switzerland
MM International, American Blend, Lights, Blue Israel, Bulgaria
MM Graphia - Germany (Private print of the Company MM Graphia)
Mocca - Germany (1919 ?)
Mocne Jasne, 3 Konie, Placa, Podbipieta, Pan Michal, Lights, Super Lights Poland
Mocny As - Poland
Modern Charcoal Filter Space Flavour Russia
Moeris Zigaretten Austria (Lid)
Mogul Cork Tip USA
Mohar - Germany (Tin Lid)
Mohawk (Red), (Blue), (Gold) Germany, Austria
Mokri Non-Filter, Filter Germany
Molle - Indonesia
Moment Mild Menthol Finland
Monaco Cigarros con filtro, Cigarettes Sans Filtre Mexico, Monaco
Monarca - Brazil
Monarch Full Flavor, Rossiyskiy, Lights, Legkie, Ultra Lights, Menthol USA, Russia
Monas Filter Indonesia
Money Menthol KS Filter Lights USA
Money to burn - Taiwan, USA
Monitor #1 - Brazil
Monitor #2 No. 2 Coresta Approved, No. 3 Coresta Approved, 2002 probably Germany (For non-consumer testing purpose only - 20 test pieces)
Monomak (= name of Ruler) - Russia
Monopol "60" - Germany (25's Tin-Lid)
Monroe Filtro, Virginia Filtro Brazil
Monserrate Multi-Filtro Portugal
Montana con filtro, Ar Filtru American Blend, Filter, s filtrom, Suave, Lights, Menthol, Lights Menthol Japan, Israel, Mexico, Finland, Peru, Latvia, Russia
Aventura-Libertad-Amistad-Fiesta Peru
Montana Club American Blend Germany
Mont Blanc Full Flavour, Lights, Super Light Hungary, Poland
Montblanc - Brazil
Montclair Full Flavor, Lights, Ultra Lights, Full Flavor Menthol, Menthol Lights USA
Montclaire American Blend Bolivia
Monte Blanco de Luxe, Lights Brazil
Monte Carlo  Filters, Blondes Filtre, Premium, Rubios con Filtro, Suave con filtro, Doble Filtro, Multifilter, Lights, Super Lights, One, Menthol-Virginia Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Norway, Hungary, Turkey, Netherlands,  Colombia, Ukraine, USA, Chile, Monaco, Romania, Mexico
Montecarlo Doble Filtro, Blue, Lights Dominican Republic
Montecristo Superfinos, Originales Blondes, Originales Legeres, Brunes, Blondes, Blondes Legeres Cuba, Spain, France
Montecruz El Avion Spain/Canary Island
Montenegro - Brazil
Monterey Filtro/Filter, Extra, Suave, Lights, Extra Suave, Extra Filtro, Lights Slims Brazil, Costa Rica, USA
Montero Club Suave Colombia
Monterrey Habana Cuba
Montesol Bajo en nicotina, Extra Filtro Spain/Canary Island
Monte-Verdo Planterette Virginian Flavor Netherland
Montevideo Filtro, Hebra Habana, Largos Uruguay
Mongomery - Brazil
Monticello Filters, Menthol Lights United Kingdom, USA
Montico Full Flavor, Silver Germany
Montreal Extra Suave, Extra Suave Slims Brazil
Monza Filtro Chile
Moon Special Blend Slovakia
Moon Nr. 7 Special Virginia Germany
Moran - South-Korea (Lid)
Morava  Cigreta, Filter, 50, Filter Blend, Special, Export Yugoslavia
(same design like "M")
Filter, International, Red Malaysia, Philippines, Canada, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, USA, Paraguay, Thailand, Singapore
  Lights, Blue, Super Lights USA, Czech Republic, Thailand, Ukraine, Austria
  White Lights, Special Whites USA, United Kingdom
  Special Mild Italy
  Menthol Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland
  Menthol Lights USA
  Menthol White Lights USA
Morello Filter Virginia Surinam
Morgan Filter, Rich and mild, Strong, Filter 7, American Blend, Full Flavor, Lights Germany, Switzerland, Poland
Mo-Ri - Philippines
Moritz Götze Special Edition 2003 Germany (Moritz Götze is a German painter and graphic artist)
Mornas - Cape Verde
Morning Star Lights USA
Mortimer Classic, Lights Germany
Morton Round Mild Denmark
Moskva (Zarista) - Russian (Zarista)
Moskva - USSR/Russian S.F.S.R.
Moskovskie (= "Moscow Cigarettes") - USSR/Russian S.F.S.R., Russia
Mototechna 30 Let Podniku (1979) CSSR
Move Full Flavor,Light, Ultra Light, Menthol Light USA
Movie Black, White Germany
Mr. Slim Filter, Menthol Japan
MS Filtro, Filtro Eti, F, Classic Spain, Austria,Italy, Malta, France
  Mild, M Italy, Austria, Spain, Malta
  Red Box Italy
  Lights, L, Extra Lights Italy
  Mundial Italy (1990)
  Blu Italy
  821 American Blend, 821 American Blend Full Italy
  Rosse, Azzurre, Bionde, Bianche Italy
  International, International Blue Italy
  Italia, Italia Red Italy
  Venezia Italy (for Export to P.R. China)
  De Luxe Italy
  Brera Slim, Club Slim, Club Slim Leggera Italy, Yugoslavia, France
Mt. D'or - Trinidad
MT Virginia Blend, Slims Lights Yugoslavia, Armenia
MT Company Full Flavor, Lights Poland
Mt. Halla De Luxe Korea-South
Mtkvari Full Flavor Georgia
Mullins & Westley Ltd. Rich Blend Convent United Kingdom (Tin-Lid)
Multi Seven Lights Taiwan
Mundial - Paraguay
Munir Djaya Indonesia
Munkas - Hungary
Murad Turkish Cigarette USA (about 1920's)
Mur International, Medium, Lights Austria (Sample-printing - not used for selling)
Muratti Cabinet Filter Germany
  Gout Francais France (made in Germany for French Army 1945-1947 with script "Armee Francaise" on banderole)
  Extra Switzerland
  No. 1 Aroma Plus Germany
  Ultra One Switzerland
  De Luxe Italy
  2000 Aroma Plus, 2000 Bajo en nicotina Switzerland, Mexiko
  Ambassador Multifilter, Ambassador Multifilter (Gold) Italy, Germany, USA, Slovenia, Austria
  Ambassador Multifilter Lights, Ambassador Multifilter Super Lights Ukraine
  Ambassador Extra, Ambassador Extra Mild, Ambassador Ultra Mild, Ambassador Light Menthol Italy, Switzerland, USA
  Ariston Filter, Ariston Gold, Ariston de Luxe Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, Germany 
(also as Tin-box)
  Privat , Gentry Germany (also as Tin-box - from 1933-1941)
  Royal Filter United Kingdom
  Lights, Super Lights, Ultra Lights Italy, Germany, Switzerland
  Slim Lights Switzerland
Muriel Sweets Filtered USA
Mustang Sabor e raca, Melhor da raca Brazil
  Filtro/Filter Brazil, Israel, Hungary, Burkina Faso, Greece
  Suave, Suave o melhor da raca, Extra Suave, Lights Brazil, Hungary, Colombia, Israel
Mutiara Classic Indonesia
My Ladies Cigarettes USA (Tin-Lid)
My Life Charcoal Filter Lights, Charcoal Filter Mild Taiwan
Myohyangsan - Korea-North
Myself - Italy (not used for selling, just a test pack from ETI)
My Way American Blend Filter Switzerland

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