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Collection "BF-BZ"  

BLUE = new addition in my collection - last update: 14.04.2007

BRAND DIFFERENT TYPES different packs from these COUNTRIES
BF Bio-filter Lights, Ultra, Ultra One Russia, Greece, USA, Taiwan
BF Bez Filtra - Yugoslawia
Bharath Special Beedies India
Bibertis Party - Germany (Lid)
Big Ben Filter, Mentolados Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay
Big Box Premium, Full Flavour Poland
Bijuli - Nepal
Bill Cigarettes, Lights Uruguay, Sweden
Billyad Life, New Indonesia
Biltmore - Norway, Denmark
Bima  Kretek Filter Indonesia (for USA)
Bingo Filtro (in red and in blue), Box, Suave, Lights Brazil, Portugal/Madeira
Bintang Salaman Kretek Indonesia
Bintang Samodra Kudus Indonesia
Bintang Terang Kretek Indonesia
Birinci - Turkey
Bis - Italy
Bismark Filter de luxe Paraguay
Bison Filter Netherlands
Bisonte - Spain
Bistro  Lights, Menthol Lights USA
Black Filter Hungary (for Export)
Black Beauty - Netherlands
Black Cat  Plain, Cork Virginia, Virginia Cigarettes, Filter Tip Number 7 United Kingdom, Canada
Black Devil Special Flavour Austria
Black Death American Blend Austria, USA, Switzerland
Black Ladies - Germany (Lid)
Black Prince Filter, Toasted Norway
Black Stone Mild USA (for Export)
Black Vanilla Pipe Tobacco Germany
Black & White Virginia, Extra Mild, Menthol Australia, United Kingdom (Tin-Lid)
Blanko Zigaretten o.M. - Unknown 
Blau Punkt - Germany 
Bled - Yugoslavia
Blend Filter, Original, Kings, of Sweden, Light, of Sweden Mild, Extra, Mild, Ultra, Ultima, Menthol, Ultra Menthol Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Taiwan, Russia (?)
Blend 2000 American Blend Austria
Blesk - Unknown (Tin-Lid)
Blitz Mild  Paraguay
Bluebird Menthol Vietnam
Blue Card International Bio Filter Taiwan (made in Greece)
Blue Master  American Blend, American Toasted, Old Classic Norway
Blue Ribbon Filter, Ultra Light Netherlands, Switzerland
Blue River Extra Special, Extra Special Menthol Vietnam
Blue Sea Menthol Vietnam
Blue Seed Menthol Special Blend Vietnam
Blue Wave - Thailand
Blue Way  - France
Blues Filter Australia (pack made with Jeans textile)
Blum Pacha Petit Format Unknown (100's Tin-Lid)
BN - Spain
BNV 64 - Hungary (Budpesti Nemetközi Vas ar 1964)
Boa Viagem - Portugal / Madeira
Boa Vista - Paraguay
Bobst Premium Germany (test package from Bobst GmbH)
Bobst Champlain Open House Germany (test package from Bobst GmbH)
Boenicke American Blend Filter Germany
Bogatyri (= "Valiant Knight") - USSR/Russian S.F.S.R. (25's Lid)
Bogazici  - Turkey
Bohemia - CSSR
Bohemios - Mexico
Bo Jue Filter, Lights, Menthol Hong Kong
Boka - Yugoslavia
Bold - Ukraine
Bomb - Indonesia
Bon - Iran
Bona - Austria
Bonanza - Spain
Boncalo - Spain, Austria
Bond Premium, Filter, Extra Mild, Extra Suave, Ultra Mild, 1, Ultra Mild Menthol Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Chile
Bond Street American Blend, Filter, International, Classic Selection, Lights, Special Selection, Super Lights, Mild, Menthol, Menthol Selection, Menthol Lights USA, Yugoslavia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Italy, Poland, Burkina Faso
Bonita Filter Armenia
Bonte Coloured Filter Germany
Boon Filters Germany
Boots  con filtro, Filter, Lights Mexico, Paraguay, USA
Borg Orient . Germany (?) (25's Tin-Lid)
Born Free Filter, Full Flavor Indonesia, USA
Borobudur Filter Indonesia
Borodino Sigareti USSR/Russian S.F.S.R.
Bosna - Yugoslavia
Boss Filters, International Filters, Classic, Export, Virginia Blend, Full Flavour, Classic Lights, Lights, Blue, International Lights, Super Lights, Classic Super Lights, Ultra Lights, Ultra, Ultra Charcoal Filter, Mild, Classic Menthol Lights Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Chile, Taiwan, Guinea, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Macedonia, Ukraine
Boston Rund Plain, Filter, American Blend, Filter Virginia, Suaves, Medium, Lights, Blue, Silver, Very Mild, Filtro Especial Finland, Switzerland, Paraguay, Madagascar, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Colombia, Egypt
Botschafter - Germany
Botol Sikat Kretek Indonesia
Boule d'Or Filtre, Plus, Legere, Ultra Legere, Menthol Belgium, France
Boule Nationale Nonfilter, Filter Belgium
Bouquet - Belgium
Boussetta - Tunisia
Bowling Gold Filter, Menthol Philippines
Boxer - Argentina
Boxsa - Malta
Boyards Caporal, Caporal Ordinaire France, Switzerland
BR Brasileirinho - Brazil
Brams Full Flavour Poland
Bran Fine American Blend Romania
Brand Regular, Lights, Super Lights Macedonia Rep.
Brandon KS, Light, Super Light, Menthol Light, Extra Light Slims, Super Light Slims, Ultra Light Slims, Menthol Light Slims Unknown, Australia
Brand X - USA
Braniff Filter American Blend, Filter mit Doppelfilter, Lights Germany
Branigan Filter Full Flavor, Light Flavour Germany
Bratislava - CSSR (Lid)
The Brave Full Flavor, Lights, Menthol Paraguay (for export to USA)
Bravo #1 z filtrem, Original, Full Flavor, Light Latvia, Poland
Bravo #2 No Nicotine USA
Bravos Mistura de luxo, Superlangen Filter Brazil, Austria
Breeze Light Menthol USA
Bremen Filter Germany
Bridge Fine Cut, Filter, Full Flavor, Light Bulgaria, Denmark, Bulgaria for Export to South America
Bridgeport Full Flavor, Menthol USA (Import from Brazil)
Bright Low Tar USA
Brighton Beach Otborny Tabac Russia
Brilliant American Blend, Lights, Super Slims, Super Slim Lights, Menthol Super Slims Azerbaijan Republic, Poland
Bringi Filter Sudan
Brist - CSSR, Czech Republic
Bristol Non-Filter, Blended, Cigarettes, Tipped, Virginia Filter, Commemorative Pack for Freedom Cup 1998 , Full Flavor, Lights, Ultra Lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights  Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Guyana, USA, Denmark, Hong Kong, India, United Kingdom
British Consols Cork Tip Extra Mild Canada (50's Tin-Lid)
Broadway  con filtro, Superfine, Toasted, de luxe Filter, Superfine, American Blend, American Full Flavor, Suave, con filtro Lights, Lights American Blend Switzerland (1965), Norway, Guyana, Denmark, Israel, Uruguay, Mexico, Trinidad, Paraguay, Chile
Bronco American Blend, Lights, Ultra Lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights Unknown, Colombia (for export to USA)
Bronson Ultra Light USA
Brookfield American Blend, Mid-American Blend, Lights Germany, France
Brooklyn American Blend, Lights Spain
Brooks Filter American Blend, Expectionally Smooth Greece, USA
Brunette Filter Maryland, Doppel-Filter, No. 3, Extra, Special Tabac, Ultra Switzerland
Brydzowe  Super, Stong, Lights Poland
BS Lights Russia
BT Export, Special Blend, De Luxe Virginia Bulgaria, Russia, Austria
Bucegi - Romania
Buckingham Cigarettes, Lights Unknown, Canada, United Kingdom
Bucks Filter, Lights USA
Budapest - Hungary 
(10 packages with pictures from Budapest)
Budapest Lid-Pack - Hungary
Budweiser Budvar  - CSSR
Buffalo   Filtro Brazil
Buffalo Spirit  Full Flavor, Lights USA
Bulgaria  - Bulgaria
Bulgaria-Rekord - Germany East
Bulgaria-Stern - Germany East (Lid)
Bulgartabak - Bulgaria
Bull Brand American Blend (Orange), American Blend (Blue) Austria
Bull Durham Filters, Rich Flavor , Extra, Lights USA
Bullet Bidis India (for USA)
Bunte Bibertis  - Germany
Burger Filter Grossformat Germany (1953)
Burberrys of London - United Kingdom
Burleigh Cigarettes USA
Burox's Special Edition Indonesia
Burrus & Sons Special Filter United Kingdom
Burton Full Flavor American Blend, Original, Medium, Lights American Blend, Silver, Menthol Germany, Austria, Israel
Busa Special Indah Indonesia
Business Class Red, Blue Austria
Businessclass - Azerbaijan, Republic
Business Club Gold, Full, Lights, Menthol Yugoslavia, United Kingdom
Business Gold Special Mild, Lights Poland
Bustany Filter Egypt (Lid)
Butrinti - Albania
Buxton Virginia Denmark
Buz - USA
Buzum - USSR/Russian S.F.S.R.
BVV Gasztroker - Hungary
Byblos American Blend Lebanon
Byron Filter Greece
Bystrica - CSSR
Byzanz - France (Tin-Lid)

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