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Collection "B-BE"  

BLUE = new addition in my collection - last update: 24.02.2007  

BRAND DIFFERENT TYPES different packs from these COUNTRIES
B 52 American Blend Germany
Babon High Class Indonesia
Bacana American Virginia, American Virginia Suave Brazil
Baccarat - Germany (Tin-Lid)
Backard Full Flavor Filter, Menthol Lights Filter USA
Badinh Filter Vietnam
Bafra - Turkey
Baffra - Lebanon (Lid)
Baghdad - Iraq
Bahagia Super Special Indonesia
Bahamas Premium Blend Paraguay
Bahia Lights Paraguay
Bahman Filter, Lights Iran
Bahtera - Indonesia
Baia - Angola
Bailey's Filter, Premium Virginia, Menthol USA, Canada
Bajikal  -  Russia 
Bajtars - Hungary (Tin-Lid from 1949)
Bakara - CSSR, Czech Republic
Balance 0.7 Germany
Balaton (= name of lake in Hungary) - Hungary
Balgis - Bulgaria
Bali #1 Collector Packs Luxembourg (same design like "Guam" - see photos there - but with script "Bali")
Bali #2 Echt, Cigaretten Germany, Italy
Balkan Oval, Filter Germany-East, Yugoslavia
Balkan Sobranie Plain, Medium Size United Kingdom (Lid), USA (Tin-Lid)
Balkan Star  Special Blend, Klassika, Light, Legkie, Mild Russia
Ballerina - Belgium
Ballica Filtreli 19 Mayis Turkey
Balloon Flower - Korea-South
Balmoral - United Kingdom
Balon - Indonesia
Baltija (= name of Baltic Sea) - Latvia, Lithuania
Baltimore Filter Argentina
Balto  - France (also as a 50's tin-box from 1960-1970)
Bam (= Highway Baykal-Amurskaya-Magistral') Zolotoi USSR/Russian S.F.S.R., Russia
Bambu - USA
Bandito American Blend, Lights USA
Banner - Unknown
Bantam Havana - USA
Barca American Blend, Ros, Negre Spain, Germany
Barclay - USA, Australia, Finland
  Free Sample Pack Switzerland
  Ultra Low Tar Norway, USA, Chile, Netherlands, Estonia, Argentina, Switzerland
  1 mg Tar Luxembourg, Switzerland
  Original Taste, Smooth Taste, Fine Taste Germany, Switzerland
  Magic Four Germany
  City Red, City Red - Latin at Montreaux Switzerland
  City Red Eight, Original Four, Smooth Four Netherlands
  Montreux Switzerland
  Extra Norway
  Number One Switzerland, Latvia
  Fresh & Light, Smooth & Light XS Switzerland
  Ultra Lights Switzerland, Italy, Finland
  Menthol, Menthol American Blend, Menthol Taste Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Switzerland
  Number One Menthol Estonia
Barclays - Germany (same design like "Barclay")
Barczi Red, Silver Slovakia
Baris - Turkey
Bar One - United Kingdom
Baronet Con Filtro, Lights, Mentolado  Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica
Bars   (= "Snow Leopard") - Kazakh Republic
Baseball  - USA 
(Collection Series)
Basic Non-Filter, Filters, Full Flavor, Lights, Ultra Lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights USA, Austria, Czech Republic
Bastos Havane, Tabac Corse, Oran, Filter, International, Virginia de luxe, Flor Fina, Red, Blue, Legeres, Extra-Legere, Ultra Lights Belgium, Madagascar, Germany, France, Switzerland, France/Corsica, Vietnam, Algeria, Cameroon, Spain, Luxembourg
  Extra Fines Algeria
  N.Y.C. Full Flavor, N.Y.C. Lights (same design like "Norman Young Company") Hungary, Germany, United Kingdom (?), France
  Long John Menthol, Minty, Menthol Spain, Cameroon, Vietnam
Bastya - Hungary
Bataro Filter Germany
Batberg Exquisit Germany
A. Batschari Cigarettes m/M. Germany (50's Tin-Lid)
Batschari Filter Germany
Battistoni - France/Corsica, France
Batton American Blend, Silver, Original, Modern, Menthol
Austria (2005 - same design like Burton - but has to change name on Austrian market)
Bawang Merah - Indonesia
Bax - Poland
Bayerngold - Germany (Lid)
Bayron Full Flavor, Classic, Lights, Super Lights, Ultra Poland, Russia
BBC - Russia
BC Filter Belarus
BCV Ohne Filter Extra Blend, Filter mild-geschmackvoll, Filter würzig-aromatisch Germany
B.D.V. Cork Tipped, Medium United Kingdom
B.D.V. Sport Pure Virginia Blend United Kingdom
Beach Life Lights Germany
Beacon Non-Filter USA
Beag - Hungary (Elektroakusztikai Gyar)
Beaumont Superkings, Superkings Lights United Kingdom
Bee  Filter, Lights USA
Beechwood - United Kingdom
Bekescsaba 250 eves  - Hungary
B.E.L. Premium Extra Lights Indonesia
Bel Air Light Menthol USA, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom
Belarusj - USSR/Byelorussian S.S.R.
Belem Lights Paraguay
Belga Cigarettes , Filter, Fire, Fire Lights, Legere, Extra Legere, Ultra Legere Belgium, Belgian Congo, France
Belgrave Filter Virginia United Kingdom
Belinda Filter, Lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights Netherlands
Bellamy's - New Zealand
Bellevue - Germany
Belmar - Angola
Belmont Filto(s), Charcoal Filter, Toasted, Suave, Extra Suave, Extra Suave Lights, Lights, 3 Ultra Lights, Milds, Extra Mild, 2002, Extra Suave Mentolado, Extra Suave Menthol, 2002 Menthol, Lights Menthol Egypt, Chile, Brazil, Honduras, South Africa, Canada, Venezuela, Palestine, Finland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Argentina
  Summer 2001 Chile
Belomorkanal  (= name of canal from Don River to White Sea) - USSR/Russian S.F.S.R., Russia
Belt Filter Suave Brazil
Belvedere  Filter Cork, Twin Pack, International, Regular Filter, Extra Mild, Extra Mild Lights Austria, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy
Belweder Papierosow z/u, Full Flavor, Lights Poland (Lid), Russia
Bene Filter Germany
Ben Hur - Spain/Canary Island
Benhur Full Flavour Indonesia
Benington - United Kingdom
Benson & Hedges - Brazil, Argentina, USA
  Cigarettes Filter Mouthpiece USA (1955-1959)
  Turkish Cigarettes No. 1 (1932), Turkish Cigarettes Crown Gold (1935), Qualite Fine Cork Tips (1937), Russian Cigarettes No. 3 Gold Tip (1942), Rays (1942) USA
  Black, Silver (Hull & Slide, 2006) Austria
  Virginia Red Special Filter United Kingdom
  Filter Tipped Canada
  Filter, Special Filter (gold) Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, E.E.C., Fiji, Germany-East, France, Somalia, New Zealand, Korea-South, India
  Red, Red Lights , American Lights Austria, Spain, Poland
  Mellow Blend United Kingdom
  Gold, Silver Austria, United Kingdom
  International Unknown, France
  Luxury Blend United Kingdom
  Gold Bond Ireland, United Kingdom
  Super Virginia  Australia, United Kingdom (Tin-box - also with script "BEA" = British European Airways and also with script "KLM" = Royal Dutch Airlines), South Africa
  Special One Greece
  American Red, American Blend Filter, American Blend Lights , 1848 American Blend Lights, American Blue, 1848 American Blend One, American White, 1848 American Blend Super Lights, American Yellow Germany, Austria, France, Italy
  Supreme United Kingdom
  Multifilter Charcoal Filter USA
  Mild, Special Mild, Extra Mild, Golden Mild, Luxury Mild, Ultra Mild France, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Italy
  Mild Virginia Taste Kazakh Republic (sample-printing)
  Lights, Smooth Argentina, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, Austria, E.E.C.
  Extra Lights, Special Lights, Ultra Lights, Ultimate Lights, Special Ultra France, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa
  De Luxe Ultra Lights USA, Canada
  Sovereign United Kingdom
  Menthol, Premium Menthol USA, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada
  Menthol Lights, Menthol Mild, Menthol Ultra Mild, Menthol De Luxe Ultra Lights, Canadian Style De Luxe Ultra Lights Menthol Canada, USA, Cuba, South Africa, France
Super Slims Italy
Benston - Yugoslavia, Croatia
Bentley American Blend, International Blend Luxembourg, Russia
Bentoel Spesial, International, Mild Indonesia, USA
Benton Filter American Blend, Filter Special Milds France
Beograd - Yugoslavia
Berkeley Filter, Superkings, Mild, Blue, Extra Mild, Menthol United Kingdom, India, Spain, Portugal
Berkut (= "Golden Eagle") Filter, Original Filter Ukraine
Bermuda Filter Germany
Berva - Hungary
Best Filter, Export, Export 2000, International Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Congo Rep.
Best Buy Non-Filter, Filter, Full Flavor, Lights, Ultra Lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights USA
Best Choice Non-Filter, Full Flavor, Lights, Menthol USA
Bestmann Extra Blend ohn Filter Germany
Betis Negros, Rubios Spain
Between the acts - USA
Bevel Lights, Lights Menthol, Flair Menthol Japan
Beverly Turkish Denmark
Bey - Malta
Bezrobotne Zygmunt poszedt na Poland

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