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Collection "AN-AZ"  

BLUE = new addition in my collection - last update: 14.04.2007 

BRAND DIFFERENT TYPES different packs from these COUNTRIES
Amsterdamer Hollandsche Tabak - Italy
Anavila - Indonesia
Anax Short-Filter Germany
Anca Filter Germany
Anchor - Trinidad, United Kingdom
Ancor de Aur Moldavian Blend Moldavia
Andino Mentolados Colombia
Andron Egyptian Cigarettes (50's Tin-Lid), Specials-Gold (1952 - Lid), Coloured Party Cocktails USA, Netherlands
Angkor Virginia Cambodia
Anhuri Shu Straw Tube Cigarettes Germany
Ani - Armenia
Anka Feinfilter Germany
Anno - Norway 
(pre 1940)
Anno Santo - Italy
Antasena - Indonesia
Antiathmaticke Cigarety CSSR
Antinicot Special, 22 Filter, 22 Extra Five, 22 Ultra Lights Greece
Antoninos - Portugal
Antonio y Cleopatra Mild, Menthol USA
A & P (Attraktiv & Preiswert) Filter, American Blend Germany
Aphrodite - Switzerland (Lid)
Apollonia - Albania
Apollo Soyuz - U.S.S.R. (Commenmoration of U.S./Soviet Spae Cooperation 1975 - Photo see "Soyuz Apollo")
Apolo Filtro, Lights, Ultra Lights Portugal, Dominican Republic, Portugal/Azores
Aqa Menthol Poland
Ara Filter, International Cambodia
Arabis Flach Germany
Araks Select Belgium (25's and 100's Tin-Lid)
Aralia - USA (for export to P.R. China?)
Arbat (= Name of Street in Moscow) - Russia
Arberia - Albania
Arco  - CSSR
Arctic Lights Menthol USA
Arda - Bulgaria
Ardath Cork Tipped, Filter, Specials, Specials Virginia, Menthol Australia, United Kingom, Indonesia
Arena Filter Yugoslavia
Ares z filtrem, Lights, Specjal Lights, Super Lights, Mentol Lights Poland
Argamat Filter Mongolia
Argent Full Flavour, Lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights USA (Export from Peru)
Argentinos - Mexico
Argir Filter Albania
Argo - Denmark
Argos No. 2 Rund Argentina, Denmark
Argus - South Africa
Ariel Mentholees Filtre France
Aries Menthol Lights USA
Arin-Berd 2750 - USSR/Armenian S.S.R.
Arion - Albania
Arirang - Korea-South
Arista KS, KS Lights Greece
Aristocratic  - Malta (ca. 1920)
Aristos - Portugal/Azores
Arizona Filter, American Blend, Menthol, Slim Menthol Netherlands, Brazil, Germany
Ark Royal Pipe Tobacco Filter, Sweet Japan (made in Urugay for export), United Kingdom
Arktika (= "Arctic Zone") Nevo Tabak, Klassika USSR/Russian S.F.S.R. (different package with "17.08.77" on it), Russia
Arktis - Austria
Arlette Filter Switzerland
Armada Filter, Galion, Drake, Menthol Belgium, Lithuanian, France
Armiro American Blend, Mild Finland
Armored Force - USA
Army Club - United Kingdom
Aro - Belgium
Aroma Rubios Greece, Cuba
Aromasitott - Hungary
Aromas Rubios - Cuba
Arome Vanille - Austria  (new design -until 2001 the brand name was "Milde Arome")
Arpao - Bulgaria
Arsenal - Netherlands
As Fara Filtrum, Lekkie, Mocny. Mild Romania, Poland, Indonesia
Ascot Filter, Toasted, Extra Israel, Hong Kong, Norway, Netherlands
Ashford Filter, Lights Taiwan
Aslan Sütü Turkish Blend Germany
Asoka International Indonesia
Aspen Export, Gold Canada (?), Unknown
Aspasia Filtro Brazil
Asra Mild Round Denmark
Assembly KS, Menthol Zimbabwe
Assos International, Export, Lights, Gold, Ultra, Classic Minima, Slims Greece, Yugoslavia, Armenia
Assuh Imperial Filter Germany
Asta   - Austria (1938-1942)
Asthma Cigarettes like: Asthma-Zigaretten-Halle, Dr. Schiffmann's, Blosser's Cigarettes, Marshall's Med. Cigarettes Germany-East, USA *** see note ***
Astor - Germany, Italy
  ohne Filter Germany
  Filter, Doble Filtro, Twintip, Royal Virginia, Red Germany, Austria, Italy, Venezuela, Czech Republic
  Full Flavor Czech Republic
  Special Germany
  Lights, Blue Slovakia, Venezuela, Czech Republic
  Mild Italy, Germany
  Super Suave, Extra Suave Venezuela
Astoria - Bolivia
Astorias American Blend United Kingdom
Astra  Nonfilter, Filter, American Blend, Original Blend, Cigareciu, Cigarettes (10's Lid), TigareteZolotaya USSR/Estonian S.S.R., USSR/Lithuanian S.S.R., USSR/Byelorussian S.S.R, Estonia, CSSR, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, Russia, Moldavia
Astrakhanskie (= Name of a Russian city)  First Grade Russia
Astral - Croatia
AT - USSR/Armenian S.S.R.
Atabaqueira No. 11 Portugal
Atena Orientalske - Norway 
Atika - Germany (also a 48 plastic-lid), Italy
Atikah - Germany (48's tin-box before 1940)
Atkinson Medium, Ultra Germany
Atlantic - Israel
Atlantic Premium Gold, Light Canada
Atlas - Libya
Atos - Germany 
(Tin-Box - ca. 1955)
Atu Full Flavour, Lights Poland
Atus Lights Poland
Atut Filter, Lights Poland
August der Starke - Germany (10's Tin-Lid)
Aura Extra Bosna i Hercegovina
Aurora #1 Filtro, Pectoral Dominican Republic
Aurora #2 Schlankes Format Germany (20's Lid)
Aurora #3 - Italy
Auslese - Germany
Austin Full Flavor, Red, Lights, Gold, Ultra Lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights USA, France
Austria   1 (1947-1949), 2, 3, C, Probemischung Austria
Auto Union - DKW - Italy (Advertising Pack)
Autovillamossagi - Hungary
Ava z filtrem, Blend, Lights, Super Lights, Menthol Lights Poland
Avala Filter Yugoslavia
Avana Sigaretti Italy
Avangard Sigareti Oval'nie Russia
Avanti KS, KS Light Canada
Avenida Filtro, Extra Filtro Spain/Canary Island, Angola
Aveny 4 Ultra Mild, 8 Extra Mild Norway
Aviacion - Peru
Avia Trans American Blend Armenia
Avio (= name of Airline) su filtru USSR/Lithuanian S.S.R.
Avion - Indonesia
Aviz - Portugal
Avra Menthol Fresh Greece
Avrora  (= Name of the ship Avrova which has started Russian Revolution in 1917) - USSR/Russian S.F.S.R., Russia
Avus o.M. Germany (25's Tin Lid)
Axel Full Flavour, Lights, Super Lights, Menthol, Menthol Lights Poland
Azadi - Iran
Aztelas con filtro Mexico
Azzurra - Italy

*** note *** - they aren't usual cigarettes to smoke, they were made as medicine for persons who have Bronchial Asthma, to allay the discomforts of excessive secretion due to hay fever and to ease nasal and bronchial congestion due to colds.  They were made to inhale remedy and chemical products to heal Asthma. The production of "Halle" was stopped 1978. (Thanks to Ing. B. Görlich for the pack and the information!)

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